Distance Learning

In most of my meetings these past two weeks, parents were talking about their concerns regarding distance learning. They were upset because most of their mornings were spent arguing with their children, trying to teach them, and the bottom line is – there was not much learning going on. These parents are frustrated. They are Read More


Flexibility – Willingness to change or compromise I had so many plans for Sunday morning. Many tasks I didn’t have time to complete during the crazy week we had, and I also wanted to have some quality family time. In my mind, I had the whole day planned: I will finish all the house chores Read More

Heads Up!

Want your child to cooperate more? Give your child a heads up! Knowledge is power! Knowing what’s going to happen lowers uncertainty, gives confidence and increases the chances that your child will cooperate. Think about it – we, the adults, have all the information about the activity we are going to do, but our children Read More

Yes I Can!

“How can we help our child improve his self-confidence?” If you, like many parents that I meet, want to help your child believe in himself and improve his self-confidence, here are some tips for you. When your child comes to meet a new challenge, you can –  * Encourage him * Remind him of his Read More

Sounds Familiar?

I hear the same story from many parents that I meet: “We take them for a fun day at the park/Disneyland/Legoland/etc.; we have dinner and ice cream, everyone’s happy, and they say we are the best parents ever. But if on the way back to the car we refuse to buy them ‘one last thing’ Read More