Distance Learning

In most of my meetings these past two weeks, parents were talking about their concerns regarding distance learning.

They were upset because most of their mornings were spent arguing with their children, trying to teach them, and the bottom line is – there was not much learning going on.

These parents are frustrated.

They are tired.

Most of them try to work from home while helping their school-aged children or keeping their younger ones busy.

I hear the frustration in their voices. I know what their mornings look like, and the first thing I wanted them to understand is that the no.1 priority (always, but especially now) is the relationships with their kids.

It’s way more important than any school assignment.

Most of us were not born to be teachers.

The fact that you are not good at the new role you have now (a role you did not choose - to be your child’s teacher) does not say anything about how good you are as a parent.

Our children will make up for these missed days. They will learn to read and write, and they will know math. Our essential role and the thing we need to focus on now is building our relationships with them, connecting with them, making sure they are ok in this social distancing situation, and with the change in their routines.

So instead of arguing over another assignment that they need to turn in today, find a few minutes to sit together, hug each other, talk about anything that comes to your mind, encourage them, and laugh together.

Stay safe and healthy!

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