Flexibility - Willingness to change or compromise

I had so many plans for Sunday morning. Many tasks I didn't have time to complete during the crazy week we had, and I also wanted to have some quality family time.

In my mind, I had the whole day planned: I will finish all the house chores in the morning, we will have lunch together and spend the rest of the day somewhere as a family.


I'm not alone here. We have five members in the family, we all have needs, desires, wills, and plans in our heads…

My tweens (twins that are also teens) wanted to meet some friends and hang out with them at a local shopping center, and of course, they need a driver, and I'm not yet at the point of leaving them there entirely by themselves. It means I need to drive and stay there while they hang out with their friends.

I could be frustrated that the plans I had in my head are not going to happen, or to just say no to my girls, but I instead, we set together and made new plans for the day. Plans that will include all of our needs and wants.


To see the other and not just me. To understand the other's needs and not just mine.

Remember - children see children do.

Don't just talk with them about flexibility. Show them how it's done!