I went to Lital's lecture hoping that I'll relate to the content and that I will get some insights. This has been 3 months ago. Ever since then, not a day goes by without me using the tools Lital gave us. Every time my toddler does something she shouldn't, or spills/drops something, I remember things Lital said to us and set my response according to it. Thank you Lital, for giving me the tools to be a better parent. I can't wait till the next lecture!

- T.G, Mother of one -

Lital from LIFE Parenting changed our lives. That's the easiest way to explain it. We truly understand that calm parenting is possible after years of not-so-calm parenting, raised voices, and not being the parents we thought we should be. Frankly, I was completely against the process when we started our meetings. I didn't believe it is possible but through some simple strategies that Lital provided, I began to see a change when I was with my kids and how I reacted to them. These smart strategies alongside with Lital's support and explanation of the reasons why/how certain behaviors are triggered made a huge impact for us.

- F.S, Father of three -

Lital gave our preschool staff a short presentation on the importance of belonging to a community. It was relatable when she told her personal experience about relocating from another country and how it is essential for all new families to reach out. I liked the example she showed, the presentation was clear and left us with many tools to implement in our classrooms. Thank you Lital!

- L.A. - Pre-school teacher -

I attended one of Lital's ParenTalk lectures. She is our local Nanny 911 parenting wizard. Very knowledgeable about all things parenting and the reasons behind different behaviors.
Lital gave a great informative lecture with multiple examples that any parent can relate to. Great tips for new and experienced parents. Highly recommended.

- Yelp User -

My spouse and I met Lital for a few sessions that helped us a lot to understand our children's way of thinking and their behavior.  Lital is very professional, always managed to encourage us by saying the right words at the right time. The tools and  guidance we received from Lital continue with us in our everyday life. Thank you Lital!

- M.A, Mother of three -

When I had my first born I was under the impression parenthood is completely intuitive. Millions have done it before me and millions will do it after. Oh boy I was wrong. Lital thank you for the wisdom and the endless knowledge you shared with me and my husband. Our family day to day life has completely changed to the better since we went through private parenting sessions with you. The tips and instruction you gave us are used and implemented every day in so many ways, and the willingness to be available by phone when I need guidance is priceless. Thank you!

- S.M, Mother of three -

I personally know Lital for several years and have been working with her for the past year. She is very skilled at her ability to locate the exact source of difficulty for a person, and then to provide the precise set of practical tools. She is passionate about her work, dedicated and really cares.

- K.F, Mother of two -

I contacted Lital from Life Parenting regarding an issue I had with one of my kids and after a short conversation, Lital knew how to help me. She explained and gave me the information I needed and helped me feel more secure about my parenting. Thank you Lital!

- K.M, Mother of two -

Lital from Life parenting is an outstanding parent educator and coach! We consulted with her numerous times and each time she came up with smart, creative and super helpful strategies to confront our challenge! I highly recommend her if you need some parenting advice!!!!

- Y.B, Mother of three -

I attended one of Lital's lectures which was very informative, and learned a lot about the discussed subject! I definitely recommend any parent taking part of her educational seminars since besides of motivate and educate, it puts you in prospective and shows you a different point of view to approach parenting!
Keep up the good work Lital! Looking forward for the next session:)

- H.H Mother of three -

Thank you Lital for exciting parenting session and professional point of view to our day to day work with the kids. As a teacher and a parent I warmly recommend to all. 🙂

- S.S Mother of two -

Thank you for the interesting, educating lecture! It surely changed my thought and daily parenting. I think every parent should listhen to at least one of your interesting lecture.
I am sure you can help also on more personal one on one issues.

- M.S Mother of three -

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