This morning as I was waiting for my car to be ready after a service, this thought occurred to me:
We take care of our car daily:
Refuel when needed (or charge it....), wash it occasionally (I personally can do better at that).
Still, every once in a while, our car needs more attention, it needs maintenance, and we schedule an appointment, clear a few hours and take it for maintenance service.
The same is true for our children!
We take care of them every day.
We prepare food, buy clothes when needed, etc.
But from time to time, we need to do this extra "maintenance" - spend time with each child, giving him/her our full attention, free from distractions.
Remember that it does not have to be expensive (as opposed to a car service ...); what matters is togetherness.
Take a break from the crazy race that is life and be with them.
Listen to them and give them the one thing they need most – us.
So I recommend everyone: check your schedule, set a time, and give each child this special attention (and better before all the warning lights start to light up, like in my car ....)
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