Heads Up!

Want your child to cooperate more? Give your child a heads up!

Knowledge is power! Knowing what's going to happen lowers uncertainty, gives confidence and increases the chances that your child will cooperate.

Think about it – we, the adults, have all the information about the activity we are going to do, but our children don't have it. Things that seem obvious to us are not at all for our kids.

It will reduce arguments, and there is a higher chance of getting our children's cooperation.

In which situations can the tool of "heads up" help? In every situation! For example:
⭐️Morning/evening routine
⭐️Family vacation
⭐️Starting a new school
⭐️Visiting friends
⭐️Before you enter a toy store to buy a gift for someone else
⭐️When you go grocery shopping and do not want to buy anything beyond what you have on the list
⭐️before starting new afterschool enrichment

How do we to it?

1. Present the general plans but leave space for our child to choose: "We need to go to the mall. What do you want us to do after we finish with the errands? Do you want to have ice cream or go to the park?"

2. Use positive language. Instead of: "Mom and dad are going out tonight, and unfortunately, you can't join us. Jen, the babysitter will stay with you, but you can't play after your bedtime" try: "Mom and Dad are going out tonight, and Jen, the babysitter, will come to watch you. Would you like to watch a movie with her or play games until your bedtime?"

3. Be attentive to your child's needs. Try to let your child find some interest in the planned activity. Remember - If your child does not feel well, tired, and what we planned is not urgent, consider rescheduling.

And sometimes, although we give them all the info, things don't always go smoothly.

Ultimately, we have no control over our child's behavior. We only have control over ourselves. If your child doesn't cooperate, or if he's frustrated, be empathetic to his feelings, remind him of your plans and keep your word.

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