That Mom, That Child

Today I was “that mom”
Today my child was “that child”
That mom that her child was the only child that cried in the morning and didn’t let go.


Today was the first day of his new camp. He was nervous.
He didn’t know anyone. He held my hand and didn’t want me to leave.
And I had to leave.
So I explained.
I was empathetic.
I gave him choices (“Do you want to sit on the chair or on the carpet?”)
Nothing worked.
So I took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes and told him I trust him. I reminded him of past events when he didn’t know anyone, when he was nervous and how well he did. I helped him connect with his strengths.
It’s not magic.
It does not work in a second.
But I could see in his eyes that something happened there.
I said goodbye.
And I left.
And he had a great day.
When I picked him up and asked how was his day I reminded myself not to say “You see, I told you so…”


I was that mom today.
And it’s not easy to be that mom.
And I’m sure it is not easy to be “that child”
And it’s frustrating.
For both of us.
And sometimes you get angry in situations like this.
But all they need
Is us to remind them
That they can.