We went to the library yesterday.
My son wanted a book that we couldn’t find on the shelf, although it appeared as available on the library catalog.
He was upset because he REALLY wanted that book, I was impatient because we had to quickly finish there and continue to the next activity and I had two options: Go to the librarian and ask for her help, or show him that he can do it himself.
Looking into each one of these two options made me think about what I want to teach him at this very moment.
I decided I want to teach him that if he needs help, he should ask for it.
I wanted to teach him to be independent.
So he went and asked for her help.
And she helped him and together they found the book!
My son was so excited about the book and so proud of himself for asking for help!
And I was proud of him too!
If we want our children to grow to be independent adults, we need to start teaching them being independent children as early as today.
And a regular visit to the library is a perfect opportunity!