Messy Kitchen

I don’t know about you guys, but when my kids eat breakfast, our table is never that clean…
Drops of milk are everywhere, napkins lie all around, cereals stuck to the table (and the floor….) – You get the picture.
I keep reminding myself that this is how they practice their independence!
How else would they learn how to pour the milk if I always do it for them?
How will they learn to clean up after themselves if I clean around them while they eat?
Of course, it would be easier if I’d clean after them, pour the milk and cereals in their bowls and throw away each napkin after they use it, but what will they learn from that? How would that make them the responsible, independent people I want them to be?
Children can practice their independence even when they are very young! It’s never too early to start.
So for tomorrow morning, I want you to think how you can let your children do more by themselves, even if it means a messy kitchen!